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May 11, 2018

Proposal Rock Appeal

In 2004, BORA Architects contracted with Winterbrook to prepare a natural resource inventory for South Beach Cove in Neskowin – the primary feature was the coastal wetland shown below.  In 2015, Tillamook County adopted the Neskowin Coastal Hazards Overlay Zone for this area.  A few days before adoption, Seabreeze Associates submitted a woefully incomplete application for a nine-lot subdivision that would have destroyed most of the wetland. Working largely on a pro bono basis, Winterbrook opposed the subdivision based on existing local and state regulations.  Although Tillamook County Board approved the development in 2016,  BORA successfully appealed the County’s decision to LUBA, which reversed the County’s decision.  Winterbrook was gratified to learn the Oregon Court of Appeals recently upheld LUBA’s decision.  (291 Or App 537_2018)


April 18, 2018

Seaside Approves School Campus Application

On April 17, 2018 the Seaside Planning Commission unanimously approved Winterbrook’s consolidated application for a new school campus above the tsunami inundation zone.  This approval allows the Seaside School District to obtain site development and construction permits to construct new elementary, middle and high school facilities.  This decision was preceded by expansion of the Seaside Urban Growth Boundary, adoption and application of a new I-C Institutional Campus zoning district to the District’s property, and annexation to the City of Seaside.  The new campus is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2020.


March 5, 2018

Winterbrook Moved!

Winterbrook moved office space from the Board of Trade Building to the Selling Building. Our new address is:

610 SW Alder Street, Suite 810
Portland, OR 97205.

November 15, 2017

Gresham Design Commission Approves Ironcrest Estates Development

The Gresham Design Commission approved Winterbrook’s Type III land use application for a 31-unit townhome development at Ironcrest Estates in Gresham, Oregon. The Ironcrest Estates subdivision was originally approved in 2007, but only partially developed due to the recession. That approval expired and the Gresham Development Code was updated in the intervening timeframe. Therefore, the project had to be redesigned to comply with new code standards, and required a land use application and hearing in front of the Gresham Design Commission. The Gresham Design Commission approved the project in a single hearing on November 15, 2017.


November 10, 2017

Leach Botanical Garden

Winterbrook’s consolidated land use application for the Upper Garden Master Plan was approved by Portland’s Land Use Hearings Officer in fall, 2017.  This is the culmination of more than two years of community involvement and input, and the creative efforts of the design team, the Working Group, the Leach Garden Friends, and all of the partners in the planning process.  This process led to an iconic design for the garden that enjoys broad community support.  Winterbrook led the land use and environmental planning tasks for the project.

October 30, 2017

New Seaside School Campus Outside the Tsunami Inundation Zone

Seaside is highly vulnerable to a major subduction earthquake and subsequent tsunami event.  Winterbrook is leading the Seaside School District’s application to amend the Seaside UGB to accommodate a new K-12 campus above the tsunami inundation zone.   Winterbrook drafted detailed findings for Seaside land use proposal, and drafted a new I-C Campus Institutional Zone for schools and hospitals.  The Seaside Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval in August, and Seaside City Council voted to approve the amendment package on October 9, 2017, based on well-organized testimony from the District and community representatives, the consultant team and key state agencies.

October 5, 2017

Forest Park Trailhead & Nature Center


Portland Parks & Recreation is creating a new gateway to Forest Park, with a new trailhead, interpretive facilities, nature center, parking and school bus drop-off.  Winterbrook leads the land use and environmental planning for the project, which includes wetland delineations and assessments, local land use reviews, and state and federal permitting.  The new entrance and education center was envisioned for this site as part of the Forest Park Natural Resources Management Plan (1995), co-authored by Tim Brooks.


May 17, 2017

Portland City Council approves Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Under Armour Headquarters

Winterbrook led the land use planning process for Under Armour’s new regional headquarters in Portland.  City Council unanimously approved the Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Zone Change, and two Design Reviews necessary to expand and renovate the existing YMCA building on SW Barbur Boulevard.  The local neighborhood association strongly supported the proposal.  At the public hearings, Commissioner Fritz remarked: “It is nothing short of astonishing that there is complete agreement on this site.  Would not have guessed that, so thank you for listening and for considering the community in which this building is placed.”


June 24, 2016

Portland Historic Landmarks and Design Commissions Approve One Pacific Square Renovation

OPS rendering

Winterbrook led a team of design, architectural historian and engineering professionals in preparing the design review and historic review applications for the storefront expansion of this “structural expressionist” 1984 building.  The application subject to often conflicting River District and the Skidmore Old Town Historic District Guidelines.  The proposal was strongly supported by the Old Town Chinatown Community Association and, after several design revisions, was unanimously approved by both commissions.


October 28, 2015

Scappoose Urban Growth Boundary Expansion Approved

Scappoose Airport Land Use Plan

Scappoose Airport Land Use Plan



Four years after LCDC’s acknowledgement of Scappoose’s Urban Growth Boundary amendment, the Court of Appeals affirms LCDC’s decision.

“Wow, I just read thru the full LCDC response and I am elated with their replies to all of the objections.  A toast to all of you for your hard work on this project!”  Ed Freeman, Sierra Pacific Communities, LLC

“We conclude that LCDC’s interpretation of the rules is plausible, and that LCDC adequately explained both why the UGB amendment was justifiable under those rules and how it applied its own substantial evidence standard of review. Accordingly, we affirm the order under review.”  (Zimmerman v. LCDC, 274 Or App 512 (2015))