Damascus Property Owner Outreach


City of Damascus


Winterbrook was hired by the City to meet with interested property owners to discuss updates to the City’s natural features inventory and options for a limited protection program. The goal of the project was to reflect the local values and aspirations of the community while remaining compliant with state and regional planning requirements.  Winterbrook conducted a large number of site visits to document changes since the original inventory and discuss options for resource conservation.

In 2006-2007, Winterbrook conducted a comprehensive inventory of Goal 5 resources and Goal 7 hazards covering 10,000 acres within the new City of Damascus. The Goal 5 inventory included an local wetland inventory, riparian and habitat assessments, groundwater and state scenic waterway documentation. Goal 7 hazards included geologic and seismic hazards, wildfire, windthrow, and flood hazards. Winterbrook facilitated the public outreach process, including a series of public workshops and advisory committee meetings.